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In Congress, I will work for a thriving future for our district - reducing war taxes, investing in our communities, and supporting the health and self-determination of all people, at home and abroad. 

  1. Progressive Policies for All: Melissa Chaudhry is leading the charge with progressive policies that prioritize affordable housing, equitable education, accessible healthcare, and a thriving economy. She’s determined to make sure everyone in the 9th District can afford a safe home, access quality education, and secure the healthcare they need.

  2. Inclusive and Supportive: As someone with global experience and strong pro-immigrant, pro-family values, Melissa champions an inclusive society where everyone, regardless of race, religion, or background, is supported and respected. She understands the unique struggles of our diverse communities and will fight for a future that uplifts all.

  3. Peace and Justice: Melissa is deeply committed to fundamental liberty and justice for all, advocating for a foreign policy centered on peace and diplomacy, and rejecting policies that lead to endless wars or erosion of human rights.

  4. Defending Our Constitutional Rights: From freedom of speech to the right to assemble and worship, Melissa will protect the constitutional rights that form the backbone of our democracy, ensuring that all voices are heard and empowered.

  5. Action for the Environment: Melissa recognizes that our district is disproportionately affected by environmental challenges, and she’s ready to take decisive action to address them. Her extensive experience will guide the implementation of pro-human, pro-economy environmental adaptation measures that protect our natural resources while creating new opportunities for good-paying jobs in sustainable industries.


Economic growth is fundamental to well-being and prosperity. Let's achieve it in a good way, and distribute opportunity fairly to all people.

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The health, vigor, and prosperity of any society hinges on its education systems. 

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The consequences of decades of environmental abuse and neglect will be deeply challenging - but we can meet those challenges together.

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Food Systems

In the wealthiest country on earth, no one should be going hungry. 

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Foreign Affairs

America faces a period of change unprecedented in living memory. 

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Our healthcare system is struggling and in need of deep support and reform. 

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Housing & Homelessness

The dignity and safety of shelter is a fundamental human need. 

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If you've given up everything in pursuit of a better life, you deserve a warm welcome and the opportunity to work and live in peace, raise a family, and build our society together.

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“If you kill one innocent person, it is as if you killed the whole of humanity.”

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Law & Order

All people deserve safe, healthy, peaceful communities, as self-determining as possible. 

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Committee to Elect Melissa Chaudhry
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