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I've been honored to receive the overwhelming sole endorsement from the 33rd LD Democrats. They interviewed both myself and Adam Smith and decided I was by far their preferred candidate!

I've also earned the support of the American Muslim Advancement Council ("AMAC") in their efforts to build "a brighter future for American Muslims, and a brighter future for us all." Thank you, AMAC!

The Global Solidarity Network - Seattle branch has also given me their vote of confidence. ✅

More organization-level endorsement conversations are scheduled, and I look forward to sharing good news!

In the meantime, the kind and supportive words have been pouring in. Thank you all.


Melissa - I have personally known your warmth and selfless care that you have always extended towards me and my family. Standing in support with you always! — Wardah Saleem Kashmiri
Public Health Leader

In the words of Buddhist monk who played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement, Thích Nhât Hanh, “You can evaluate the quality of your authority by looking deeply to see if compassion is the foundation of your leadership.” This is precisely what I see in Melissa. She has a strong moral compass and is consistent in her values. She will lead with compassion. — Hân Trần
Washington Human Rights Commissioner and Northshore School Board Director

About time we get a "real" progressive candidate from CD9. Adam Smith is financed by AIPAC and represents their interests. He is way past his Best By Date and we need a fresh face to represent CD9. — Hammad Hashmi

Melissa Chaudhry is the bold, grassroots leader we need in Congress—fighting for peace, justice, and a future where every voice is heard. She stands up to war profiteers, rejects corporate influence, and brings a fresh, empathetic vision that puts people first. Vote for Melissa Chaudhry, and let’s build the change we deserve! — Bronwen D

Melissa is the type of fresh, energetic and Progressive young voice that is needed to help move our country to a path of justice for everyone. For too long "justice" in our country has been available to the highest bidder. As the richest nation in history, Melissa believes that there is no excuse for homelessness, for a "healthcare" system that is designed to meet the needs of corporations and the wealthy while half the bankruptcies in this country are because most people cannot afford needed care. Instead of meeting the needs of the American people over half of the national budget each year is spent on weapons that support the corporate domination of the world. Melissa will provide a refreshing change to the halls of Congress as she promotes the actual needs of the American people. — Larry Kerschner

Melissa is what's right with America. — Dan S

Melissa, your courage, intelligence, and empathy are greatly appreciated. We're here for you! — Suzanne Z

I'm thrilled to be working with you. You must be sent from heaven! — Lyka B

I'm so glad Melissa is running. We need principled and committed leaders in office. Her passion and experience will serve us well! — Jill R
Farheen Chaudhry
Ali Chaudhry
Alycia Farrell
Timmy Hodkiewicz
陽菜 山本
Afifah Kashif (VP, UW Women in Law)
Zahra Eslami
Asra Ghori
Gabriel Jones
Reema Khasawinah
Bilal Syed
Aisha Almatti

Committee to Elect Melissa Chaudhry
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