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Hello, friends!

My name is Melissa Chaudhry. My entire life has been devoted to mending broken systems, addressing critical gaps in our communities, and tirelessly serving the diverse needs across Washington’s 9th Congressional District.

For over a decade, I've immersed myself in the heart of community service—working in sectors ranging from affordable housing, homelessness and hygiene, and cooperative development to resilient construction and sustainable agriculture. My career has spanned roles in retail, administrative services, and even as a postal worker with USPS. Beyond these rich "lived experiences," I’ve also pursued advanced studies in Systems Science, collaborated with national leaders on complex societal issues, and regularly developed written materials on global affairs for the State Department.

Internationally, I’ve been actively involved in environmental initiatives across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America, focusing on sustainable agriculture and climate innovation. I refuse to be fatalistic about our environmental challenges. We possess all the necessary tools, knowledge, and technology to alter our planet's current trajectory and secure a thriving future for our global community. What is missing is the political will to make these changes happen.

The personal is political for me. My husband, an honorable disabled American veteran, lives with lifelong disabilities due to service-connected injuries. He’s also an immigrant who has been targeted by systemic discrimination in USCIS (see the ACLU’s report here) – a stain on our nation’s conscience that the incumbent has failed to address. These issues are not abstract for me; they impact my family every day. Both immigration and veterans’ issues are deeply personal and drive my commitment to reform.

I am the proud daughter of a Navy doctor, the granddaughter of an immigrant, and the child of a mother who achieved her MBA in Sustainable Business, grounding us in principles of ecological responsibility and social justice. My father served in war zones in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as disaster response in Haiti, Indonesia, and Nepal - dedicating his career to humanitarian efforts within the US military, embodying the ideals of what it means to serve.

As a mother, I see the stakes are high. The future of my children, and indeed all our children, hangs in the balance, and despair is a luxury we cannot afford. We need visionary leadership and bold action now more than ever. The “status quo” and “business as usual” are no longer viable options.

I believe with every fiber of my being in the fundamental American principles of liberty, justice, equality, and democratic governance. These are not just ideals; they are actionable mandates for every generation to form a more perfect union.

I also uphold the principles of international humanitarian law, a legacy imparted by my father, who pioneered humanitarian medicine and authored the Rasmussen Doctrine. His life’s work is a testament to the positive impact the U.S. military can have globally—a potential we must strive to fulfill rather than squander.

Our district has suffered from stagnant leadership for too long. The incumbent, after twenty-seven years in office, epitomizes the entrenched, disconnected career politician. At a time when faith in Congress is painfully low (despite ~10% approval rating, over 95% of incumbents are re-elected, reinforcing the status quo), and the risks of escalating partisanship and entrenched conflicts grow daily, our country deserves Representatives who are not only ready but determined to restore trust in our institutions.

Unlike the incumbent, my campaign is powered by the grassroots—by people like you. Every contribution, endorsement, and hour of volunteer effort fuels our collective hope for a better future.

I am Melissa Chaudhry, and I’m asking for your vote—not just to win an election, but to transform our shared future. Together, we can build the future we deserve.



Committee to Elect Melissa Chaudhry
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