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I am deeply committed to restoring American integrity by strengthening our shared principles. 


1. "With Liberty and Justice for All"

For people of all faiths, all identities, all colors of skin, and all countries of origin.


2. "Lift Our Lamp Beside the Golden Door"

Immigrants built America, and immigrants are fundamental to our future. 


3. "Equal Rights, Equal Protection, Equal Opportunity"

All people deserve equal treatment, the protection of the law, and the opportunity to grow and prosper. 


4. "Protecting Human Rights At Home and Abroad"

Our military must not be manipulated to serve special interests or violate American principles and international law.


5. "Government Of, By, and For the People"

Strengthening our democracy is a sacred duty, and a first step towards solving our most pressing problems. 


6. Our Duty "To Form a More Perfect Union"

More unites us than divides us. As Americans, we have a responsibility to build our shared future on shared principles.


7. “Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Assembly”

No one has the right to violate these liberties, or else we lose the soul of our nation. 


8. ”Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

We must work to end all forms of wrongful detention or unjust punishment.


9. “Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

We have responsibilities to each other. No child should go hungry or without education. No neighbor should be without the dignity of cleanliness, employment, and safe shelter. Self-determination is sacred.


10. “Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”

America’s integrity and self-determination are essential. Strengthening and safeguarding them is our first responsibility. 

Committee to Elect Melissa Chaudhry
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