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Law & Order

As your Representative, I will work for the following priorities:

- supporting - and requiring - police anti-bias and de-escalation training;
- recruiting immigrant, BIPOC, and multilingual police officers;
- investing in crisis response teams trained to respond to mental health emergencies without the use of force;
- creating pathways to both civil and criminal accountability for police violence and corruption;
- ensuring sufficient resources for recruitment, training, and compensation for emergency services - including law enforcement, paramedics, and firefighters - with the goal of reducing burnout, turnover, and poor decisions,
- prosecuting theft, assault, sexual harassment, and other criminal activity that corrodes the social fabric, increases fear, and decreases motivation towards work and prosperity;
- investing in post-incarceration rehabilitation programs, including job training, housing, and living stipends;
- supporting neighborhood leaders to organize community policing (with professional backup available), especially in communities often subjected to over-policing; and
- supporting Restorative Justice circles and processes as an alternative to conventional prosecution, and striving to increase their adoption as much as possible.

Mass Incarceration is America’s modern form of slavery. It is driven by racism and supports for-profit prisons and the companies that supply them. I will use the public attention associated with my position to take a principled stand against for-profit prisons and for radically shrinking the prison population.


Committee to Elect Melissa Chaudhry
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