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Immigrants comprise nearly 40% of CD9, and immigration issues are deeply personal to me and my family. I believe in welcoming our new neighbors with warmth, dignity, and support, knowing that they belong here and that we are stronger, and our future is brighter, together.

My goal is a robust and equitable system of human services, economic opportunity, fair treatment, and legal support for immigrants and refugees, including:

- improving language accessibility for public services and education;
- increasing early housing, language education, and financial support for newcomers;
- ensuring hygiene supplies and culturally meaningful foods are accessible through public support programs;
- offering public subsidy of legal fees for immigration paperwork, based on need;
- supporting training and employment of peer-community paralegals from immigrant communities to help with legal processes;
- countering unconstitutional ICE activity and objecting to politically-motivated deportations and detention;
- countering CARRP and any other discriminatory immigration policies that undermine American integrity, the principle of equality, or the Constitution;
- providing bridge services - language access, stipends, etc. - for newcomers who want to start small businesses, get trained in high-demand jobs, or pursue other education.
- ensuring streamlined access to trades, apprenticeships, certification programs, and validation of international credentials to support rapid economic integration and contribution.

I fully support the creation of a humane, welcoming, equitable, and supportive immigration system. I believe, and will work for a future wherein, all immigrants are welcomed, supported on arrival, and helped with language, housing, legal services, job training, and living expenses while they settle in. That is by far the fastest and fairest path to a thriving and inclusive community.

Committee to Elect Melissa Chaudhry
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