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What Israel is doing to the Palestinians as of this writing - carpet-bombing and starving the population of Gaza; enacting land grabs and illegal settlements in the West Bank; earning consistent condemnation from the United Nations - are at minimum, war crimes and extensive and ongoing violations of international law. America must stand against it. 

Security for Jewish people - inside Israel or outside it - will never be achieved at the expense of security for Palestinian/Arab/Muslim people.

All people have the intrinsic right to dignity, to existence, to be protected and respected, and to feel safe. I condemn war crimes wherever they are committed, and by whomever, including Hamas, Israel and the United States. I stand for peace, justice, universal human rights, and international humanitarian law. 

I stand with those, including students, calling for a ceasefire and a permanent resolution to the conflict - which must necessarily include respecting and protecting the fundamental human rights of all residents of that region. Palestinians have the right to exist in Palestine, and all people in the region deserve peace, recognition, and justice, starting with those who have been dispossessed for eighty years.


Committee to Elect Melissa Chaudhry
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