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Foreign Affairs

Since the Second World War, America has been the world’s superpower, endowed with reserve currency status and the ability to influence the affairs of other nations either economically or militarily. 

For many reasons, that period of dominance - often described as leadership - is gradually coming to an end. Long-term trends indicate a weakening dollar and strengthening alternatives, including BRICS+. Outside our borders, faith in America’s practical and moral leadership is deeply challenged. Meanwhile, other countries are rising, both alone and together, to meaningfully participate in shaping our shared, global future. We are living through the evolution of a multipolar world. 

Rather than fight this transition, America’s challenge now is to embrace it. By restoring our own dedication to the highest ideals and principles of our nation, we can restore our nation’s integrity, domestic strength and unity, and moral standing abroad. We need to grow into effective and respectful collaboration with the rest of the world, draw down our military presence abroad, and have the courage to put our own house in order. We should also embrace genuine alliance with those who share our principles, while recognizing that the genuine self-interest and self-determination of every country is sacred and not to be violated. 

However - this can never mean bowing to authoritarianism or foreign influence. We must robustly protect and fight at every level and in every sphere of contest to protect American integrity, security, and self-determination. We must ensure our elections are protected, our economy and society are internally robust, and our military power is not manipulated to serve purposes that go against our principles.

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