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Housing & Homelessness

We have an obligation, out of love for our neighbors and desire for peaceful stability in our society, to ensure that no one goes without. I have worked in the affordable housing space for years, ranging from residential addiction treatment and microhomes up to multimillion-dollar green-designed cooperative cottage villages and consulting on apartment retrofits for affordability. I bring an experienced eye to the problem, and the solutions I’ll work to implement include:

- mitigating, maintaining, and preferably decreasing property taxes,
- investing in affordability-preservation projects,
- providing carefully-managed code variations for innovative shelter projects;
- supporting green systems design, energy efficiency, and natural materials use in construction, in ways that are proven to lower overall/ongoing costs, reduce environmental footprint, and improve occupant health and well-being;
- supporting local Community Land Trusts,
- providing public funds for social housing,
- funding homelessness-to-housing nonprofit organizations including case management,
- authorizing and investing in addiction treatment and recovery housing,
- supporting jobs training programs and living stipends for willing workers while studying,
- reducing regulatory burden on small businesses and supporting entrepreneurship,
- strengthening support for veterans, elders, people with disabilities, and people with mental health challenges, and
- investing in transit-oriented density.

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