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Food Systems

Food needs to be accessible, affordable, plentiful, and nourishing. Robust programs should be in place to ensure no one suffers from lack of food; at the same time, cultivating a robust economy for food supply of both large and small businesses. Food supply systems need to be protected from single points of failure and climate susceptibility by diversifying and democratizing production and transportation. 

Culturally meaningful food should be readily available - including in public-supported programs such as food banks - ensuring that everyone has access to their traditional and comfort foods, and the personal resilience that comes from the smell of home. 

Large-scale, our food systems need to be recalibrated towards small farmers, local production, and regenerative agriculture - and, overall, gently nudged away from large-animal meat. We can make a serious dent in climate change by making small changes to our food system, without compromising taste, nutrition, quality, or abundance. 

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